​My Services

​A website is essential for all businesses, from nationwide companies down to small local shops.

And along with a website comes the option of further digital marketing and options that work in conjunction with your website.

Here are the areas where I can help ...

​New Website Creation

​​Your website is the first place a new customer will look for you after being referred, and in most cases, is also the first interaction you will have with potential new customers.

Make that first impression count with a professionally designed and well optimised site with a foundation in marketing principals.

Your website should work for you, not against you.

​Get in touch for a chat about your new website ...

​Website Refresh and Upgrades

​If you already have a website, are you totally happy with it's performance?

Is it bringing in new customers and sales?

​Does it look good on mobile and tablet screens?

If you have any concerns over the design, structure, content and most importantly, performance then I can help.

​Review Management - Getting Customer Reviews

​After personal recommendations, reviews and testimonials are the most effective way of improving trust in you and your business.

Increasing trust is the key to gaining and keeping customers.

I can help you get more reviews from your customers and display those reviews on your website, Google and Facebook.

​Website Hosting - Fast UK website hosting

​A website host is the space on the internet reserved for your website.

​​My hosting package is a managed package, meaning I include the maintenance, backup and security of your website alongside fast and reliable servers to host your website.

​Get in touch for a chat about your website update ...

​Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google My Business

​Having a website is great but without SEO your sites exposure to the public will be limited.

SEO is the process of optimising your website to make sure that Google has no reason to ignore your website and will actually help you by putting your website closer to the top of the search results page. More exposure, more visitors, more customers!

Google My Business is the free listing from google for Businesses. Having an optimised listing can lead to a flood of local customers.

​Digital Marketing

​Once your website is launched, optimised and looked after, you can take the next steps in digital marketing - paid adverts on Google, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Although anyone can put an Ad on any of these markets, knowing how to create, optimise, test and monitor the ads is the difference between loosing all your money to the marketing platforms or getting a steady, controllable flow of new customers.

​Get in touch for a chat about your ​options ...

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