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​​JAER Gas and Electrics First Website

​​Jose from ​JAER Gas and Electric wanted a website for his Gas heating company to ​showcase his services to new customers search online for his company.

​He offers a wide range of domestic and comercial gas and electrical services so started with a basic site with the optional additional pages over the 12 month agreement so that he could decide what areas to focus on.


MK Water Powr and Gas Website - Desktop

​MK Water Power and Gas's First Website

​Maciej from MK Water Power and Gas wanted a website for his Gas heating company as he wanted to ​increase his customer base by appealing to homeowners for boiler upgrades, servicing and repairs.

He had never done any marketing so wanted to make sure his new website was more than just an online brochure.

​During our discussions we settled on a small website of 5 pages to start whcih gave him the option to expand in the future to give him the opportunity to fine tune his services.


​The Porthcothan Barn Website

​The Barn at Porthcothan Bay is a family owned holiday rental on the North Cornwall coast.

The owners wanted to explore the option to rent the property when they were not using it.

There goal was to cover the running costs and although many of their friends and family also used the property, they wanted to appeal to a broader audience.

The website has performed so well that they are now booked for 50% of the year which has exceeded their expectations.

​Creating the website has meant the property pays for itself.


Porthcothan Barn Desktop Website
Stevenson Sales desktop website

​​Stevenson Sales

​​Stevenson Sales is an independent supplier of boiler spare, controls and gas and electrical heating equipment for the trade.

Based in West Wickham they approached me to create a one page website for their shop "to let people know where we are".

​I created a mini site that appears to be a single page but includes separate a separate Terms and Conditions and privacy policy (as many one-page sites lack these vital pages) and more importantly a blog section.

They have since regularly ​blogged about products, offers and events which keeps them foremost in their customers mind.


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